The file supports Domain specific styling for the FolderGrid portal. The file itself must be a UTF-8 encoded text file where each line stores a single property key and value separated by an equals symbol. 

To get started customizing the user portal styling for your Domain, simply download the attached sample "" file and modify the values using valid CSS syntax.

Each of the supported key names corresponds to the CSS element it overrides. The following keys are currently supported:

  • body 
  • .bodywrap
  • .container
  • .header
  • .middle
  • .footer

Note that while the value of each property can include most valid CSS styling, CSS functions are not supported.

When you are ready to apply these customizations, upload the file to your Domain Styling folder.  The changes will take affect immediately however it may take as long as 24 hours for individual users' browsers to refresh the content automatically.