Because FolderGrid WinMount integrates with your Microsoft Windows workstation at a low disk-driver level, it can only respond to events such as opening or closing a file. It can not directly interact with your higher level applications such as Microsoft Office.

Therefore, WinMount can not prompt you to (for example) close Microsoft Word in order to release a file you opened from your FolderGrid domain. Since prompting you is not an option, in order to prevent data loss, WinMount will refuse to shutdown if any application on your workstation has failed to fully close one of your FolderGrid secured files.

While it is not common, this fail-safe behavior can prevent you from shutting down or logging out of your workstation. Should you experience this behavior - we recommend that you first attempt to determine what application is holding open your file(s). Be certain you have quit all of your applications and optionally open Task Manger to verify that the applications have actually fully shutdown. Also check the WinMount window for any error messages indicating the files that remain open. 

If you are then certain that you have shutdown all applications and that all your secured files have been fully closed but WinMount still refuses to shutdown, you can force a shutdown by opening the WinMount menu from your taskbar icon and selecting Advanced -> Forced Shutdown as depicted in the image below.