You can keep a FolderGrid secured folder synchronized with the contents of your local workstation (desktop or laptop) using our FolderSync application.

Just select a folder you'd like to synchronize and choose "Map Locally" from the menu:

Map a folder locally and keep it synchronized with FolderSync

You'll be prompted to copy the folder's DUID which you can then paste into the Remote Folders listing of FolderSync to begin syncing the folder's contents.

Note: The local copies of your secured files & folders maintained by FolderSync should not be used for re-organization (file & folder moves) of your domain. The reasons you would not want to use local copies are technical in nature but stem from the fact that your local system (Windows or Mac) was never designed to directly support simultaneous multi-user modifications of files and folders. 

Starting with version 1.30, FolderSync does not support the removal or moving of a folder. If you delete your local copy, upon your next synchronization run, FolderSync will simply restore the folder you have deleted locally. 

There are several interfaces available for interacting with our service. When you intend to reorganize your files & folders by deleting or moving them you'll need to use an interface where your changes can be directly applied. This would include our browser-based Web AppWinMount, and our FTPS interface among others.