Our default web-based interface (the Web App) makes managing your FolderGrid easy but it does have some limitations. Most significantly, when you download a file using your web browser it does not have the ability to detect any changes and then update the file on FolderGrid automatically. Instead you need to drag & drop that downloaded and updated version of the file back into the web browser and upload it again for your changes to take hold.

However you can easily avoid that inconvenience by using our "Open Locally" feature which will allow you to directly edit your documents from our WebApp.

Additionally, we offer several other options for working with files that are secured on your FolderGrid domain: 

FolderSync can keep a copy of your FolderGrid files locally on your workstation at a location you choose. You can open and make changes to those copies (even when you are not connected to a network) and FolderSync will automatically detect the changes and update the master-version of the file on FolderGrid.

Our Mapped Drive Interfaces allow users to map a FolderGrid domain as a local disk. Then secured files and folders can be accessed directly, just as if the secured content were on a local drive.