Starting FolderSync

FolderSync is started just like any other application on your workstation. Windows users can start it using standard shortcuts in the start menu or via search. Mac users will find it underneath Application in Finder.

The first time you start FolderSync, the window shown below will open automatically:

If you enable "Save Password" as shown above and "Automatically Sign In and Start at Launch" from the Preferences pane shown below:

Then subsequent starts of FolderSync will not display the window but instead run "minimized".

If you wish to sync your secured content onto your workstation as a local copy, add a "Remote Folder" using the "Preferences" tab show above. You'll be prompted to enter the folder DUID you wish to sync and can type "*" to copy all your content - or a specific set of DUIDs if you only want to sync certain folders.

Displaying the FolderSync window

To display the FolderSync window after it has been minimized, simply select "Show" from the context menu of the FolderSync taskbar icon as shown here:

Signing In using FolderSync

To Sign In using FolderSync, simply display the FolderSync window and open the default tab labeled "Credentials". Then enter your FolderGrid domain, email address, and password into the form and click "Sign In"

After you have successfully Signed In you can optionally elect to "Save Password" to avoid the need to enter it on the current workstation in the future. 

Enabling "Open Locally" in the WebApp

After you have successfully signed in to FolderSync on your current workstation then "Open Locally" will be automatically enabled in the WebApp from that same workstation.