If you ever find that our service does not meet your needs you may cancel at any time with no further obligation. For your own security (and due to HIPAA regulations regarding data deletion), we do not have the ability to cancel a subscription on your behalf but we make canceling a simple self-service process. 

Once you are ready for us to remove your account and all content & data underneath it, simply sign-in as your account administrator and navigate to your Account Settings page to click the 'Account Cancellation & Removal' button as pictured below.

You'll be prompted to verify your request by entering the exact name of your account (as shown below) and upon confirmation your subscription will be deactivated immediately along with all billing and your data will be queued for deletion. Your account name is displayed at the top of the page as "myAccountName" is depicted here:

If there's anything we could do or improve to retain your business please let us know. We would certainly value your feedback.