If you are a domain administrator, you have the ability to create and manage FolderGrid groups for your domain.

To create a group, select "Manage Groups" from the "Admin Tools" menu on the top menu bar.  Select "Add," enter a name for the new group.

In the Manage Groups interface, all existing users appear in the right pane, and all existing groups appear in the left pane.  To add or remove users from a group, select the group, and check or uncheck the users on the right.  To add or remove all users from a group, select the box above the pane.

There are two Groups created automatically for every domain: All Users and Administrators

Every user in your domain is automatically a member of All Users and you can use it to provide permissions for all credentialed users.

Any user added to the Administrators group is considered a domain administrator and granted full access to your domain as well as your domain administrator functions such as user and group management.