We offer the FolderGrid Appliance as a Docker container making it easy to deploy on your own hardware or with any cloud/hosting provider.

To setup a Dockerized version of the FolderGrid Appliance, first check out our project here which contains the applicable Docker Compose file. To check out the project - first ensure you have Git installed and the issue the following command:

git clone https://ets@bitbucket.org/ets/foldergrid-dockerized.git foldergrid

Then within the new folder named foldergrid you'll be able to issue docker-compose commands to start your appliance.

Before you'll be able to download the private container from Docker Hub, you'll need to be added as a collaborator to that repository. Simply subscribe to our FolderGrid Appliance support service and we'll configure that on your behalf.

Once your appliance is running under Docker (typically exposed as port 9000), visit the appliance setup page through a browser by navigating to the path /appliance/setup 

FolderGrid Service subscribers: We'll be happy to migrate your users, groups, and content to a FolderGrid appliance. Just write us a support ticket after your appliance is setup.